Why Does My Rottweiler Puppy Have Diarrhea?

Rottweiler puppies with diarrhea are a problem that makes many first-time owners of Rottie always feel afraid, what happens when your new puppy unable to control the problems related to the digestive system, the new owners must be very confused and don’t know how to handle it? Let’s find out this issue in a comprehensive way to have more perspectives and solutions to overcome this problem effectively.

1. Rottweiler puppies with diarrhea from overeating

Most puppies, especially large dogs like the Rottweiler, are voracious. They can eat a larger amount of food than the body can digest. With many years of experience in the pet business, I often see families who own a new Rott puppy, and they pamper them with all their might. They could not refuse the puppy’s adorable eyes when they emptied the food bowl and waited for the new owners to give them more food. Many people share with me that their happiness is to watch the little dog eat all the meal, very quickly, in a very clean bowl.

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Of course, consuming such a large amount of food would almost certainly cause the small Rottweiler to have diarrhea in the following day. This is probably the least headache cause compared to the causes that I will list below, the remedy in this case is very simple, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Let the young dog eliminate any food that cannot be absorbed by defecating.
  • Take a long break until the next meal (in some cases, you may skip the next meal).
  • Make a small reduction in the food of the next meal, feed the puppy with just enough food to prevent it from feeling too hungry.
  • When the dog shows signs of stable bowel movements (the waste, the frequency of defecation is less), then you can gradually increase the portion at each meal.
  • In this case, it is not necessary to use the medicine, but you should prepare some human intestinal antibiotics such as Biseptol or Clorocid; and add a few boxes of digestive enzymes to enhance absorption.

2. Rottweiler puppies suffer from diarrhea due to inappropriate food

Inappropriate food is also one of the common causes of diarrhea in Rottweiler puppy. Puppies’ digestive system is quite sensitive and when abrupt changes from the familiar food to a new food, they often tend not to immediately absorb the nutrients in new dishes.

When a new Rott puppy is brought home, not every family can follow the same meal plan as the dog shelter. New foods such as fish, eggs, liver, lungs; are all high in protein, and puppies tend to be attracted to foods made from these ingredients. If your Rottweiler has a good innate digestive system, nothing will happen, but most of them will cause mild diarrhea and confuse the new owner.

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No need to worry, because this is a very normal thing when raising dogs, especially new puppies, the solution is quite simple, you just need to adjust the specific food composition:

  • Limit feeding foods made from fish, liver, lungs, animal organs, fatty meats; These may be easy-to-find, reasonably priced ingredients, but they are not yet suitable for the puppy’s digestive system at this stage.
  • Adjust the diet, choose the lean meat portions of chicken and pork, or use dog food for puppies from the stores.
  • Supplementing digestive enzymes to help puppies adapt to new food, increase absorption.

If you are planning to have a new Rottie puppy, it is fortunate that this problem can be avoided. Note to prevent diarrhea in the Rottweiler: The change in food composition must take place gradually over the first 1-2 weeks since you adopted the puppy.

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3. Rottweiler puppies suffer from diarrhea due to digestive disorders

Rottweiler puppies with diarrhea due to digestive disorders are a more complicated case and may be caused by either of these causes or by bacterial infection during an uncertain environment. Common symptoms may include diarrhea, unusual stools (although the dog still eats normally), diarrhea several times a day or vomiting of food; In the first months of life, the Rottweiler dog’s digestive system is still sensitive, continuous defecation leads to a loss of stability in the puppy’s digestive system. Many inexperienced dog owners often ignore signs that lead to worse diarrhea in their puppies and require medical or veterinary medicine for days.

If your dog has symptoms of digestive disorders, the puppy is still eating normal, playful and refreshing, then the problem can still be treated at home according to the instructions below:

  • The first thing to do is to stop feeding the puppy for at least 24 hours so that the injured parts of the digestive tract have time to stabilize, if the dog wants to eat, you can add Energize them by drinking water mixed with Oresol or Glucose sugar, abstinence is mandatory to prevent them from getting worse.
  • Use of intestinal antibiotics Clocorid or Biselton twice a day, 1 pill each time to help the small dog fight bacteria that are attacking the damaged areas inside the digestive system. These medications can be purchased at your pharmacy. The use of this medication usually lasts 3-5 consecutive days.
  • If the treatment within 3-5 days and signs of gastrointestinal injury have not shown positive changes, you should take the puppy to the nearest Veterinary facilities for doctors to re-evaluate the situation and have a more optimal handling plan.

4. Rott puppies have diarrhea from swallowing objects

This is when a puppy swallows an object due to play or accidentally mixed in the diet, a hard object in the stomach or intestines that leads to damage to the inner mucosa, which can lead to diarrhea, fever or vomiting.

If the hard object is not too large (small pieces of bone, or small pieces of plastic), and the puppy’s resistance is good, they can be excreted in the digestive tract a few days later. The treatment of injuries can be applied according to the method in section 3.

Puppies can also eat small pieces of tree, or hard leaves, puppies don’t have the sign of stop eating, vomiting but have frequent diarrhea and signs of blood in the waste. If after many days of treatment with ineffective medicine, you have to take your baby to the veterinary clinic to inject antibiotics and wait for the twigs to decompose. Treatment time of cases like this if handled promptly usually ranges from 5-7 days.

Unfortunately, in some cases, bigger objects and possibly metal, puppies have no way of excreting from the body. If the scan results show that there is a piece of metal in your dog’s stomach and the doctor is required to have surgery. My advice to you, in this case, is to be very close to your dog, watch for any signs, think about all possibilities and contact the nearest veterinary clinic. Some cases of dog injuries for too long lead to unfortunate consequences that we could have handled better.

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5. Diarrhea caused by parasitic infection

Rottweiler puppies with diarrhea caused by parasitic infections can be worms, tapeworms. Because the deworming process is not strictly followed, the puppy’s body is always the ideal environment for the development of helminths (some can even spread to humans).

If your Rott puppy eats a lot but does not see weight gain, signs of diarrhea, or if there is a helminth in the stool; you need to immediately think about having to buy deworming medicine for it (absolutely do not think about using human deworming medicine).

After removing the parasite, you can apply the self-treatment methods as instructed in section 2 or 3 to stabilize your puppy’s digestive system.

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6. Puppies suffer from an infectious disease

This is the cause of the most unfortunate consequences of all dog lovers, if the Rottweiler puppy shows signs of diarrhea, tiredness, sore eyes, signs of vomiting of food or nothing, it’s true that your puppy is at risk of contracting viral infections such as: Parvo, Carre, Lepto or Coronavirus; These are serious illnesses that can cause puppy death by up to 90%.

If your Rott dog unfortunately has these diseases, urgently isolate the puppy from other dogs (if your family has more than one puppy), urgently take him to the nearest veterinary facility to conduct testing and treatment according to the vet’s regimen. Don’t forget to disinfect your baby’s living area and pray for good things to come.

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