Why Does My Dog Lay His Head on Me?

Have you ever wondered why your dog loves laying head on your body? There are many reasons to explain this act, it could be your dog’s needs or he just wants to let you know something. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to your dog to understand what he wants to express by laying his head on you, read this article and you will get more facts about your cute pup.

1. Your dog is trying to communicate with you

When the dog lays his head on you, it’s mean that he wants to tell you something. He may want to have some treats, a walk outside to meet his friends, a bath, or maybe he just wants to go potty

It is called demanding behavior. They also show their requests by pawing your leg, flipping your hand on their head, using their hand to touch your hand, sitting on your foot, or leaning their back on you.

Because dogs communicate with us by the body language, facial expression, or voice; so you should pay attention to these signs to know what your dog needs when he comes and lays on his head on you.

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Personally, I love it when my dog sits or lies next to me. I have a hammock and usually lie on it to watch TV in my living room, whenever my dog wants to tell me something, she always sits next to me and tries to shake my hands.

That’s when I know that she wants to go outside for a walk or she is hungry. This simple thing she does really made my life richer, even though I have to spend more on treats :).

2. He wants to show you his love

Dogs like cuddling, and love to cuddle. That is why they always seek to lean their head on you.

If your dog puts the head on your body and looks at you adorably, it is the sign of showing affection. He wants to show you how much he loves you, trusts you and appreciates you, you are the most important people of his life.

At that time, don’t hesitate to give him some rubs and scratches. It’s so difficult for me to resist it when my dog lays her head on me even when I was so busy.

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3. He wants to get your attention

When your dog feels you and him are separated and less of communication, he may come and lay his small furry head on your lap. He just wants to close to you and get your attention.

By resting his head on you, he may simply want you to give him a pet. It is not only a common habit of dogs but also an opportunity for us to express our love for our lovely pet.

You’d better spend more time with your dog. If he feels lonely for so long, he may develop separation anxiety which causes health problems to your dog such as anorexia, diarrhea, mental illness, etc.

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4. He wants to protect you

For some dogs, sitting or lying on your lap is an act of creating body odor on your body, which means he wants to protect you from other dogs.

Typically, when the dog lays his head on your lap, he will rub the scent on his body on you. And when your dog’s hair sticking on your clothes, a hundred percent sure that other dogs will not like you.

This is like marking territory, he wants to claim that you belong to him and you are the only owner of him when you and your dog are not together.

5. He sees you as his bed

A very simple reason to explain why does your dog lay his head on you is that he sees you as a comfortable bed, literally.

It’s awkward but very easy to understand. When it’s cold, your dog will find warm places to sleep such as near a fireplace, lights, and…you.

This is because our body emits heat, dogs will love to lie on your body for warmth. This can cause inconvenience when your dog sleeps on you for hours. If you can’t do this, prepare a warm sleeping space for him such as a bed.

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6. Your dog is trying to appease you

Dogs are amazing creatures, they can recognize your emotions, when you are happy or sad, they will have very cute actions to comfort or share the joy with you.

That’s why sometimes the dog sitting on your lap, this action completely is for the purpose of taking care of you, not to satisfy his needs. Your puppies will ease and care for when you are sick or you are sad by laying their head on you, they believe that will make you happy.

7. He could be stressed

This usually happens to dogs who separated from their mother. Living far away from the mother can cause some anxieties such as separation anxiety, noise anxiety, fear of things, etc. That’s why your dog wants to lay his head on your body because you are his second mom/dad. 

When your dog is stressed, giving him a pet and loving him will help your pup overcomes the stress and improve his mood. Just let your dog lay his head on you, it will create the bond between you and your dog, and I believe you will feel comfortable with that.

If you find the stress persists for a long time, take your pet to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.

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Dogs always try to communicate with us through their body language, understand their acts will help you know if your dog has any need or health issue. Laying his head on your body is just one of many body languages that your dog wants to tell you. 

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Thanks for reading!

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