Why Does My Dog Sleep on Me and Not My Husband?

Dogs are human’s best friends, they always want to spend their time with you as much as possible. But once you get married, which means your home has a new member, the dog’s attitude may be changed. 

Some dogs are welcomed and friendly, but some feels strange to their owner’s spouse. This made you come up with the question “Why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband?”. 

If you want to know the reasons, please read this article to get the best explanations and solutions for your question!

1. Because of His Smell

The sensitivity of a dog’s scent is 10,000 to 100,000 times that of a human nose. That means strong scents like detergent or perfume will make your dog feels uncomfortable.

If your husband is using the perfume that your dog doesn’t like, he won’t want to sleep on your partner. 

However, sometimes it’s not because of the smell of perfumes on your husband, it could be your husband’s body odor. 

We usually don’t like the strong smell of the other people such as armpit odor, foot odor, etc. It’s the same to our dogs, your dog may don’t like to sleep on you and not your husband because of these body odors.

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2. Your Husband May Usually Yell at Your Dog

Dogs are very friendly but quire naughty sometimes, so it is inevitable that they will be yelled at by their owner for doing something wrong. But the research shows that yelling at pets can hurt them in a long time.

Yelling at your dog seems to be the quickest way at the time they disobey or disruptive, but you should know that it is really bad for our pets.

If a dog is scared of someone, he won’t want to sleep with or even close to them. 

Ask your husband if he usually scolds or yells at your dog, that could be the main reason why your dog doesn’t want to sleep on your husband. 

3. Your Husband Looks Like Someone Your Dog is Scared of

Dogs are scared of the people that mistreated them in the past. And when they meet that person again, they don’t want to get close to them and try to skip them by hiding somewhere. Worse, they will have the reactions of scaring, shivering, barking, whining, etc. 

Moreover, dogs can have the same reactions to the person that looks like the person mistreated them before. This person may have the same hairstyle, skin color, appearance as the person in the dog’s memory. Even the jean, or hat that this person wears, makes the dog think of someone who treats it badly.

In this case, your husband may look like someone your dog doesn’t want to get closed, that’s why he chooses to sleep on you and not your husband.

4. Your Dog Thinks Your Husband Doesn’t Treat You Well

Another interesting thing is that dogs respond instinctively. Some studies show that a dog reacts negatively to someone if the person is not “helpful or friendly” to its owner.

Dog is a friendly animal and they always want to protect their owner. So if your dog thinks your husband doesn’t treat you well, he will show his feelings and attitudes by not sleeping on him, not playing with him, or staying away from your husband.

Worse than that, your dog could be so aggressive to your partner. He may bite or bark at your husband, so please be careful!

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5. Your Husband Isn’t Close to Your Dog

Although your husband and your dog live together, but if he doesn’t close to your pet, the dog won’t want to sleep on your husband.

Trust is an important factor in the relationship between humans and dogs. If this situation is happening for a long time, your dog can lose all his trust in your husband. There are many reasons why a dog may no longer believe in humans: being abused, punished, ignored, etc.

If your husband is a dog lover like you, ask him to give more care for your dog. This will help improve their relationship and your dog will choose to sleep on your husband.

6. Your Husband Snores Too Loud

If the relationship between your husband and your dog is still good but your dog doesn’t like sleeping on him, the reason could be your husband’s snore is too loud. 

Just like us, dogs can’t sleep when it’s too loud, and they don’t want their sleep to be interrupted because of something noisy. 

Dogs don’t like loud noises such as gunshots, fireworks, thunderstorms, vehicles, etc. They will shiver, bark, hide, or try to run away from the sounds. Although snoring isn’t a loud noise, it may be uncomfortable for your dog’s sleep, that’s why your dog doesn’t want to sleep on your husband.

7. Your Husband Usually Wakes Your Dog Up

Sleep plays an important role in dog growth. Sleep helps your dog’s mind to process all the things it has learned while it is awake. It allows your dog to acquire and organize the things you taught him.

FACT: On average, a dog sleeps about 12-14 hours a day.

Same as the snore, the dog doesn’t want to be interrupted when they are sleeping. Acts such as changing the sleeping position, wake up at midnight, etc. can make your dog feel uncomfortable when sleeping on your husband. 

That’s why he only chooses to sleep on you other than your husband.

8. How to Make Them Close to Each Other?

Dog is so friendly and loyal! Building the love, trust, and between your dog and all your family members will make your pet becomes friendly to everyone.

If you want your dog and your husband to be closer, the below tips can help improve the relationship:

  • Let your spouse feed your dog: Ask your husband to feed your dog, it will bond the relationship between them.
  • Ask him to walk your dog: Same as feeding, walking with your dog will get them closer to each other
  • Ask him to play or train with your dog: There are simple games or tricks that you can teach your dog and they are very useful methods to understand your pup.
  • Spend more time for cuddling: Give your dog a cuddle, an extra belly rub to make him feel comfy and he will want to sleep with you.


Once your dog loves sleeping on you, it’s not easy for him to sleep on your husband. However, there are remedies to solve this problem. We hope what we have listed above will help you get the answer to the question “Why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband?”

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Thanks for reading!

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