How to Make Passive Income with Pet Influencer

Your pet can make money for you, it’s true and many many pet owners are making a huge passive income from their pets. Some could even make $15,000 per post as a social media influencer.

Many brands, especially in the pet care market are looking for pet influencers to cooperate with their products. Influencer marketing is set to reach an estimated $10 billion by 2020, and brands using pet influencers see an 89 percent increase in comments compared to human influencers. So your pet has a chance to make some extra money for you, that all relies on you to make your pet famous on Instagram. Here is how to begin with your pet!

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1. How to Grow Your Pet Instagram Account

a. Switch to Business Account

To be an Instagram influencer, your pet definitely should have an Instagram account. Once you created the account, remind to convert your pet account to a Business account. All kinds of fascinating insights will be given to you and you can understand what your followers are responding to and grow your account.

b. Posting Attractive Photos and Videos

If you have a beautiful pet, that’s awesome! If you think your pet isn’t photogenic, you can teach him/her simple tricks to perform in front of the camera, dog/cat that is smart or knows tricks will easily get attention from the audiences, and all pets deserve an Instagram!!!

I collected some dog training programs HERE for you (They are the most used dog training programs on the Internet)

You can post high quality and beautiful pics or videos of your pet, you can also post a normal picture, but make sure the photo is attractive and unique. Unique content can make your post get a higher reach and impressions on Instagram. And you don’t need a decent-quality phone or camera to have a good picture, Instagram photo filter or other photo design apps can help you make a gorgeous picture of your pet.

Remember to post regularly and consistently, I usually post 2–3 pics a day and Instagram recommend me to post at 9pm as that time has the most interactions.

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c. Using the Right Hashtags

You can drive more traffic to your account with the appropriate hashtags, people who don’t follow you will also see your posts in the search button of Instagram, so optimize your posts with the hashtag will increase the chance to be seen on Instagram, you can add 30 hashtags in a post.

You can save your time with finding hashtag, go to and insert the keyword you want, this website will automatically create all the hashtags for you. I’ve used it for a while, and it really saves me time, but sometimes it gives me the inappropriate hashtags that converted less interaction. So I followed an Instagram Growth with Hashtags course and made my own hashtag sets for my posts.

TIPs: When you have low followers, don’t use the popular hashtags like #dog, #doglife (these have more than 1M posts). Use the hashtags that have 10k-100k posts, it will convert more impressions.

d. Interact with People

I recommend you comment or like other people’s pictures. Instagram will display notifications when someone likes or leaves a comment; so when you appear in someone notification, they may go to check your profile, and you can get a follow from them.

The same happens with following other accounts, just go following accounts that is in your community such as dog & cat lovers, dog training, etc. The follow-back rate is 20–30%, which means you will have 20–30 followers if you follow 100 accounts. If luckily, your rate can be 50%!

But please remind: Don’t follow a large number of accounts in a short time, Instagram may block your follow action. Following 30–40 accounts in an hour and only 400 accounts in a day is highly recommended.

The above ways are some basic fundamentals to grow your pet account. There are more formulas to boost your pet account into a high level and you can make huge money out of that. You can follow some of the below courses to learn more strategies in there (I took them, used it and made a grand after 2 months :D)

Instagram Masters AcademyHow the Algorithm Works, Growth Secrets, …

Instagram Millions GuideGoing Viral Strategies, Step by Step Guide from 0 to 100k, Monetization Tactics, …

2. How to Make Money with Your Pet Instagram Account

The more follower you have, the more money you can make.Although Instagram doesn’t have a monetization program like YouTube, but you can make $5,000-$10,000 a month if you have an appropriate strategy for your pet account. Below are some ways to earn with your pet account.

a. Paid Promotion

Simply add the phrase “DM for Paid Promotion” to your pet account, brands nowadays are looking for pet influencers to feature or shout out their products in the posts. If your pet account has decent followers (high interacts in posts), you have a high chance to get paid from the brands and the price is up to you! is one of the most successful pet influencers on Instagram

b. Sell Your Own Product

You can sell pet products such as outfits/accessories (t-shirts, mugs, coasters, collar, tie, etc.) or pet care products (feeder, brush, bowl, glove, leash, etc.)

You’ll need to invest a budget to open your website and merchandise. In the beginning, it may stressful but when you get used to the works, your pet influencer can bring huge profit through the products you are selling. It demands your business sense though anyway…

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c. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is perfect for Instagrammers who have a huge audience to advertise and sell products to but do not have any actual products to sell. Instead of creating your own product, you can simply promote someone else’s, taking a percentage of the profit once someone makes a purchase through your link. You just have to find a suitable product and put the link in your bio, create posts and direct your audience to click the link, just like that.

You can sell dog food, outfits, accessories, training programs, etc. Just choose the network and product you are fit to start. Luckily, there are many pet product affiliate programs out there:

  • Chewy
  • Pet Care Supplies
  • Revival Animal
  • TruDog
  • Furbo Dog Camera
  • Fitbark
  • Cherrybrook
  • King Kanine
  • Petco
  • Animal Den
  • Pets Warehouse

I’ve just shared with you how to grow your pet Instagram account and the ways to make money with it. Your life is happy when having a pet, but it will be even happier when your pet brings money to you, it’s your turn to help your pet friend makes an income for your family. Hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you! 😀

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