How to Stop Dogs from Chewing Shoes?

How to Stop Dogs from Chewing Shoes?

Dogs are friendly but sometimes they are so mischievous and disobedient, they always want to find something to chew such as your sofa, clothes, remote control, etc. but your shoes are their favorite target. If you want to know how to stop dogs from chewing shoes, please read this article carefully for the answer.

First, let’s find out why they like chewing your shoes so much!?

1. Why do they love chewing your shoes?

a. They are boring

When your dog is left alone, they can get boring and start searching for something to relax their mouth and your shoes are the number one target as we always put our shoes on the ground.

You may not see your dog chewing your shoes when you are at home, but they will take any chance to “collect” your shoes when you are away.

Some people misunderstand that this is the sign of separation anxiety. However, it’s totally wrong; the signs of separation anxiety include barking, whining, scratching at the door, foaming at the mouth, or pacing up and down.

The behavior of chewing shoes is simply because your dogs feel bored when being left alone, they suffer mischief and destructiveness from boredom and chewing is their way to deal with it.

b. You don’t give your dog some exercises

You go to work everyday, leave your dog home alone, and you don’t spend time exercising with him. That leads to the shoes chewing behavior in your dog.

Your dog doesn’t have a chance to exercise his body and he will try to find ways to relieve the boredom of locking in the house by chewing things like your shoes.

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c. Being in the crate for too long

When you lock your dog in the crate for too long, he can suffer the mischief and destructiveness. As a result, once you release your dog, he will overreact with freedom. 

At that time, he will run around your house and find anything he can chew or play with and he won’t care if you are at home or not. That’s why your dog chews your shoes or other things.

Alright! Now we know why dogs like stealing and chewing your shoes. And now let’s jump to How to stop dogs from chewing shoes.

2. Walk your dog everyday

How many times a day do you walk your dog? If you rarely walk your dog, you will have high possibility of your shoes or other things being chewed by your pet.

Dogs are active and perky animal, walking is the way they can relieve their boredom when being locked in the house for a whole day. Spend at least 20 minutes a day walking your dog can reduce the mischief and destructive in your dog, and it’s best if you can spend more time walking with him.

3. Go swimming with your dog

Go swimming is another way your dogs can have a fun time with you and relieve their stressfulness and boredom. Spend your time taking your dog to the swimming pool or a local lake every weekend can help eliminate the gnawing behavior in your dog. 

 No matter how busy you are, if you want your shoes are safe from your dog, you should give your dog some exercises, like swimming, as much as possible.

But if your dog doesn’t like water, please apply the solution 2 or continuing with the below solutions.

4. Play games with your dog

Yes, games are what dogs need to express and relieve their boredom. Moreover, playing games with them not only helps them have a fun time, but it also builds your relationship with your pup. 

My recommended games are fetch or hide and seek, I believe both you and your dog will find them very funny and relaxing.

Once they have a time for playing everyday, they will stop finding and chewing your shoes.

5. Buy chew toys for your dog

If you are super busy and have less time for your dog, you can buy something for him to choose from instead of your shoes.

When your dog feels bored, he will find anything he can chew and play with. If he has no toys, your stuff like shoes or remote control will be his best choice, so don’t hesitate to spend so some budget on your dog’s chew toy.

Nowadays, there are many chew toys that you can find on the Internet, from rubber toys to edible toys, soft chew toys to wood chew toys. You can have many choices depending on how much you have.

6. Find a dog trainer for him

You think you can’t train your dog by yourself? It’s all OK.

If you have enough money, you can hire a professional dog trainer to help you train your naughty dog, just go for them! This is the most expensive way to stop your dogs from chewing shoes, if you have failed all the below method, then think about it.

A professional dog trainer knows everything about dogs. Once they get to know with your dog, they will identify what your dog needs and have the specific training, exercise for your pet.

You can have your dog trained with a trainer at the weekend when you can watch them or even join the training. 

Bonus: This is the video from Victoria Stilwell – a professional dog trainer, she helped this family train their dogs that have mischief and destructiveness from boredom. I think it’s helpful to you.


The key point to stop your dogs from chewing shoes is that your dogs need exercises, exercises, and exercises. The more exercise they get, the less destructiveness they will become.

The above methods should be taken into action in a schedule, repeat them one or two weeks so the dogs can change their chewing behavior.

Do the above solutions help you get the answer to the question “How to Stop Dogs from Chewing Shoes?”. And if you know other ways to solve this problem, don’t hesitate to leave a comment to share with us!

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Thanks for reading!

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