How to Bathe a Poodle at Home?

As you know, the Poodle is a beautiful breed with long curly hair, this trait also causes a lot of difficulties in the process of cleaning and bathing the dog. 

New owners of Poodle will have many questions such as which dog soap is the best, or what to prepare before bathing the puppies. 

How to bathe a Poodle? Here are five easy steps for you to learn how to bathe your Poodle dog at home.

1. How Often You Should Bathe Your Poodle?

Choosing a dog bath time is important because the climate varies from place to place.

Each season will have a specific frequency for bathing. For example, in summer, I usually bathe my poodle twice a week. 

In contrast, the winter, when the weather is cold, the shower drops to 1 time per week.

In addition, when the dog gets dirty from playing outside you can also bathe him at that time. For larger dogs, the number of baths may be higher because they are more active outdoors.

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2. What Do You Need to Prepare?

Before bathing your Poodle, check and remove any loose hairs. Watch out for wounds on the dog’s body to avoid overexposure.

2.a. Prepare bathwater

Make sure your dog’s bathwater is not too hot nor too cold. You should use warm water that is hot enough to bathe your dog. 

Especially in the winter when the weather is cold, the use of warm water when bathing the dog is extremely important to avoid affecting their lungs.

2.b. Prepare the tools

With my dog, I use a special dog soap, gloves to remove hair loss, brush, towels after bathing, ear powder, grooming combs, Sterile Saline, …

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3. How to Bathe Your Poodle?

I usually bathe my dog 2 times with soap and rinse her body 3 times to clean soap bubbles. If soap is left behind, it will affect the hair, which is also a cause of hair loss after a short time.

Tips for checking soap still on the fur: Very simple, use your hands to stroke from the top of the dog down the belly to check the greasiness of the fur. You can feel if the soap still on the fur.

Bathing for Poodle is not the same as bathing for humans. To clean the soap, use your fingers to scrub from the neck to the tail combined with flushing. The soap bubbles will also follow the water and run off the fur. 

Do the same with the legs and neck parts.

As for the head and ear, we can say that these are the most smelling parts of a Poodle.

The ear is foul because the dog’s saliva sticks to the fur around the mouth when they eat, causing a very stinky smell.

To wash this area, gently put the soap over the poodle’s head and scrub the soap around the ear and head.


– Do not put too much water in the ear, after bathing will be very difficult to clean. In addition, your dog will be scared of bathing next time.

– Do not spray water directly on puppy nose, eyes whether it is intentional or intentional, just slowly rinse down from the top of the head.

– Avoid or limit letting soap hurts your dog’s eyes. If soap gets into the eyes, remove the soap with your hands and continue showering.

4. What Do We Do After the Bath Time?

After you done with the washing, use a dry towel and pat the dog. A quick tip before wiping is to blow softly to your dogs’ ears, which will make them shake until some of the water is lost. Remember to dry your dog thoroughly with the towel before using the hairdryer.

When using the hairdryer, you should stop after 30 seconds to avoid the heat is too hot for the pet.

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FACT: 90% of dogs when drying are afraid of the noise from the dryer.

  • They will panic and show an uncomfortable attitude towards drying their hair by biting or running away. My recommendation is to calm them before you turn on the dryer.
  • Turn on the dryer at low and moderate heat to make your dog feel comfortable.
  • The face and the head are always the most difficult drying areas when the wind is blowing directly into the eyes and nose of your dog. So keep the dryer far enough and rub gently on these areas until they are dry.
  • During periods of wet weather, you need to carefully dry your dog as they are more likely to get skin conditions in this climate.

5. Hygiene Stage after Bathing

You may think that after bathing and drying the dog is clean and fragrant, but many people know little about the final part is ear hygiene, grooming and nail clipping for the poodle.

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5.a. Ear Hygiene

Poodle’s ear area is a special area different from other dog breeds. Their ears have lots of curly hair and they are very long.

This is the cause of bad smell for the poodle. Pluck out your dog’s ear hair with the help of an ear plucking powder.

This powder helps to increase the friction between the hairs, helping you to pluck them more easily.

Don’t scare it will hurt your dog, plucking ears makes your dog feels very comfortable.

After plucking, use the Sterile Saline and wipe the ear again until all the solution is gone.

5.b. Grooming

This is very simple, you just need to prepare two combs, one for the lost hair, one for the tangled hair.

Gently comb and the tangled hairs will cling to the comb, then you can remove them very easily.

For large bristles, use a pair of tweezers to remove the brush and use a comb to remove the remaining bristles. Be careful when using tweezers, you might hurt the dog’s skin by mistake.

6. Some Notes When Bathing a Poodle

You should limit your dog’s bath while they are in heat. Body scents during this period work to attract mates when mating.

Do not bathe your dog right after being vaccinated. Because this is the time when their bodies are weak so they need to rest.

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Do you think bathing for a Poodle is so complex?

Just relax! Each people have their own way to bath their dog, the method above is just one in many methods. And it’s just my experience, you don’t have to follow it strictly.

You can do your method for your dog. But for new poodle owners, you can try this way to give your dog the comfiest bath time.

Good luck to you!

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