Hmong Docked Tail

Hmong Docked Tail Dog – The Lifespan, Temperament, And Pictures

Hmong docked tail is one of 4 national dogs that are listed by VKA (Vietnam Kennel Association). They are famous for their many wonderful characteristics and the unique tail. Currently, the trend of raising this breed is starting to grow gradually in Vietnam and abroad.

If you want to know more about this amazing dog breed, this article will provide you the detailed information and guide to raise your Hmong dog.

Hmong docked tail is one of 4 national dogs that are listed by VKA (Vietnam Kennel Association). They are famous for their many wonderful characteristics and the unique tail. Currently, the trend of raising this breed is starting to grow gradually in Vietnam and abroad.

If you want to know more about this amazing dog breed, this article will provide you the detailed information and guide to raise your Hmong dog.

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Does Hmong Docked Tail make good pets?


So, they are properly a good pet for people.

However, with a somewhat wild and ferocious appearance, children in your family may find it hard to get close to this breed. If you have them trained at their young age, Hmong dogs can be very friendly to kids.

They are also very smart and trainable to help you with some stuff, such as collecting things, doing tricks, or guarding your house. If you are looking for a cool, unique, and friendly pet, the Hmong dog is among your good choices.

The History of Hmong Docked Tail

The Hmong docked tail is the ancient pet of the Hmong ethnic minority people, who live in the mountainous area of Lao Cai, Ha Giang in northern Vietnam. 

Originating from the native dog crossed with the jungle wolves and spending their lives in the mountainous jungle, Hmong dog has a wild nature of a wolf, but most of them are domesticated by the people later on.

Now they are the symbol and the pride of the Hmong people as well as the northwest region of Vietnam.

Originating from an ancient breed of dogs from Vietnam, Hmong dogs are used as hunting companions by the ethnic Hmong people.

The appearance of the Hmong Docked Tail

In general, Hmong dog has a typical appearance with a strong and majestic body. The most striking feature of the dog’s appearance is that the dog has a docked tail, unlike any other dog breed.

Hmong docked tail is a medium-sized dog, an adult Hmong dog has an average size of 45 to 55 centimeters (18 to 22 inches) depending on its gender. Male dogs are larger in size than females, but not significantly.

In terms of weight, an adult Hmong dog has a weight ranging from 15 to 25 kilograms (33 to 55 pounds). The males will weigh slightly more than the females.

The Hmong dog has a moderately wide chest, muscular and toned, and their ribs are well developed. The back is wide, strong, and flexible in every movement. The highlight is that there are clearly visible concave streaks along the spine.

The unique characteristic of the Hmong dog breed is its tail, this breed is mostly without a tail, naturally. If there is a tail, it is also very short: only from 3 to 5 centimeters (1 to 2 inches). This is the characteristic that helps to distinguish the Hmong dog with other dog breeds.

Temperaments / Characteristics of the Hmong Dog

Hmong Docked Tail is said to have amazing temperaments when they are socialized and trained well.

We listed their wonderful characteristics below:

a. Intelligence

Hmong docked tail is said to be very smart and has an excellent memory.

They can learn your commands very quickly, you will find it easy to train your Hmong dog because they can understand your teaching in just a few times thanks to their amazing intelligence.

Moreover, they are a dog breed with an amazing memory. Hmong dogs naturally have a sublime memory. They learn quickly from their owners not only by their smart nature but also by using their good memory.

They are excellent at remembering the directions. They usually join with the local people on hunting trips deep in the jungle, and responsible for leading the way and hunting animals. 

They can go far from their home for 6-7 miles and still remember the way back.

Having a Hmong dog with you on the jungle tracks, you will never fear whether you will get lost or not. They are the compass of the Hmong people.

b. Trainability

Although Hmong dogs are recognized as natural dogs and their ancestors are wolves, they are trainable and helping people in daily life. 

The most common use of the Hmong dog breed is to look after the house and keep things for its owner. With the instincts of a wolf, they are said to be most useful when hunting. They no hesitate to confront wild beasts in the forest and protect their owners during hunting trips.

Nowadays, they are trained to become a sniffing dog. They are chosen by the Vietnamese police when it comes to the duty in border areas, Hmong dogs are well trained for missions related to transnational crime prevention.

If you have a Hmong dog in your family, you can easily train them for some basic things such as picking up items, potty training, or playing fetch.

c. Colors

Hmong docked tail has a thick, evenly erect, but not too smooth coat. Their coat comes in 4 popular colors: black, brown, brindle, and white.

Few Hmong dogs have a brownish red coat, which makes their price more expensive than the other. 

Their thick coat of fur helps them adapt to the weather of the mountainous region in the northwest of Vietnam, which is cold, wet, and rainy.

d. Loyalty

All dog breeds are loyal to their owner, and Hmong dog is not an exception.

They only eat the food given by their owner and never forget the way to their home even if they are miles away from it.

Moreover, Hmong dogs always want to protect their owner, they would put their lives in danger to protect their family. They always stay cautious and ready to threaten anyone who approaches their owner.

e. Rarity and Price

Currently, there are not many documents on the number of this breed, but this dog breed is considered a rare breed.

And it’s not easy to find a purebred Hmong docked tail. The top reason is that the price of a purebred Hmong dog is costly, which can be up to $1,000.

For crossed breed dogs, you can have them at an affordable price. A Hmong dog that is crossed with other breeds is from $100 to $300 in Vietnamese dog farms. If you can make a trip to the villages of Hmong people, you can get a better deal at just $20-$50 for a Hmong puppy.

Health Issues of the Hmong Docked Tail

The Hmong dogs may be considered as a wild animal and well adapted to the natural environment; however, they can also suffer from a number of health problems.

Originating from the mountainous area where the weather is usually cool and cold in the winter, Hmong dogs can be shocked by the environmental change. But they can adapt to it gradually, all you need to do is when you bring your dog to other hot or tropical climates, please provide him with more water and a cool place to rest.

Also, Hmong docked tail has a thick coat, this can be an ideal living environment for ticks. You should be very careful and bathe your dog regularly to prevent Tick-Borne diseases

Food requirements of the Hmong Dog

One of the biggest concerns of Hmong dog owners is the dog’s diet.

Hmong docked tail has a two-phase diet: puppies and adult dogs. Depending on the age and size, we will feed them with appropriate diets. 

You should pay more attention to the diet when your dog is at a young age. Hmong puppies have a poor digestive system, so please use cooked food to avoid diarrhea or throwing up. 

Note: It doesn’t matter how little or how much, it’s important to have enough nutrients in a meal.

When the dog gets bigger, the owner can give them more and diverse food like veggies, rice, or even raw meat. 

You should take your dog to deworm periodically every month for the first 6 months of life so that they can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients in food.

Besides, you can also select some branded dog food products on the market for your Hmong friend. The list below is our recommended products:

  • For 3-week to 8-week-old Hmong puppy, we recommend PetAg Esbilac 2nd Step Puppy Weaning Food. This provides a full range of nutrients needed in the neonatal period.




  • For 2 months to 10 months old puppy, Royal Canin Medium Puppy will provide high energy, supports an underdeveloped immune system in puppies, protects bones and joints and enhances digestion.




  • For over 12 months old Hmong dogs, we highly recommend Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food. This provides a full range of nutrients needed in the neonatal period. It helps healthy coat and skin, supports the immune system for dogs from 1 to 7-year-old.




  • For 7+ year-old Hmong dogs, Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity Senior 7+ Formula Dog Food is a good choice with high protein real chicken, natural glucosamine support joint health for Hmong dogs.




Exercise requirements of the breed

Generally, the Hmong dogs are very active because they often accompany their owners in the woods, climbing mountains, and hunting animals.

With a good shape and medium-sized body, this dog breed can move skillfully and quickly. The harmonious combination of every movement helps them to cross the forest and climb mountains easily.

When you have Hmong dogs in your home, do not keep them in a cage for a long time. Spend plenty of time throughout the day running, playing, or walking them every day.

If they become sedentary and locked up for too long, they may experience some anxieties such as separation anxiety, mischief and destructiveness from boredom, etc.

Grooming requirements

Each breed has a different hair care method. It is important that you have proper coat care for the breed you have.

The dog’s coat is fully functional against all kinds of wet, hot, cold weather and is always covered with protective and nourishing grease. So, we should only bathe him when the dog is dirty and has a bad smell, 

And remember to eliminate all ticks, lice, and other harmful parasites that attach to dogs after they come back from outdoors. Hmong dog has thick and hard fur so it’s an ideal place for ticks to live on.

Also use a hairdryer after bathing to help them dry off quickly as their thick coat makes it slower to dry.

How long does Hmong Docked Tail live for? -The life expectancy of the Hmong Dog

They are well-adapted to all kinds of environments, from nature to indoor living, but you should always have them step outside for burning their energy. Moreover, they are easygoing with foods, they can eat most foods that the owner provides such as rice, vegetables, raw meat, etc.

Hmong docked tail has a quite high lifespan and can live about 15 – 20 years. However, this factor also partly depends on the owner’s care. If the owner takes good care of the dog such as giving them good food and going to the vet regularly for checking, the dog can live much longer and stay healthy.

How to identify a purebred Hmong dog?

To identify a purebred Hmong dog, you will need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The shorter the tail, the better
  • The muzzle should be short, the long muzzle is a crossed breed.
  • The ears are small and erect
  • The coat is thick and black, not ruffled, not smooth, but should be straight and hard.

Things to consider when you rise a Hmong Dog

Despite having a friendly personality with the owner, Hmong dog is cautious every time he meets a stranger, his territorial protective instinct is very high.

They are said to hate cats, they can be very aggressive when they see cats and will attack them if they have any chance. You should be vigilant when your dog meets a neighbor cat or your new cat.

Among all colors, the brownish-red Hmong dogs are considered the most expensive. This can be explained that the Vietnamese believed the brownish-red dog will bring luck to the owner and this color is better-looking than other colors anyway. That’s why the price for a brownish red Hmong can go up to several thousand dollars.


Despite originating from the wild, this breed is now very well domesticated and has been a human companion for many years.

The Hmong docked tail is absolutely a suitable breed for families, they can help you with many things and is also a cute pet. The Hmong Dog Breeders’ Association is also very developed in Vietnam and the world, so you do not need to worry too much about owning this breed.

Hope this article will help you understand more about this awesome dog breed. Please comment below if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading!

Images: Hmong Docked Tail Club Vietnam

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