11 Things You Should Know Before Having an English Cream Golden Retriever

Golden has become the second most popular pet dog breed in the United States, they are also among the Top 5 smartest dog breeds.

In the Goldens family, English Cream Golden Retriever may not be familiar with you but they are becoming more popular with pet lovers. 

If you are thinking about an English Cream, this article will give you the best information about this breed!

1. English Cream Golden Retriever Isn’t… English

This will make you confuse…

Although their name is English Cream Golden Retriever, the origin of this breed is actually Scotland. 

English Cream Golden Retrievers were first bred in somewhere of Scotland between 1854 and 1894 and first seen in America in 1910. 

I think “Scottish Cream Golden Retriever” is a better name for them :).

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2. Some Differences with American Golden Retriever

The English Golden typically has a light cream-colored coat or creamy white, beautiful jet-black noses, and dark eyes. While the colors of American Goldens are light gold, dark gold or almost red in color. 

Some other characteristics of English Creams can be listed below:

  • Bigger head
  • Larger and rounder eyes
  • Deeper chests
  • Stockier build
  • A straighter top line

3. English Cream Golden Retriever Can Live Longer Than Their American Cousins

English Creams are healthier and live longer than their American brothers according to recent reports. 

American Golden Retrievers were more vulnerable than the English Cream Golden Retriever to various cancers such as lymphosarcoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, and mast-cell tumors. 

But it doesn’t mean that the English Cream is safe for cancer and will live up to its prime age. It all depends on good breeding and good care by a responsible owner.

Here are some other illnesses that English Creams can suffer: 

  • Eye diseases: English Cream Golden as well as other breeds of Golden Retriever often suffer from congenital eye diseases. Mild levels will make them often have tears, difficult to see. Severe can cause blindness.
  • Diseases related to osteoarthritis such as hip dysplasia, dislocated elbow joints. The cause of this disease is due to Goldens encountering accidents and injuries during moving/playing.
  • Allergy: Golden Retriever is a very allergic dog, especially for pollen or pollen products. The signs of allergy can be: scratching face, rubbing legs.

To ensure the health of your English Cream Golden, right from the time you buy the dog, you need to carefully check that they have been fully vaccinated. Or there are strange signs of health or not.

If your Golden dogs suffer from those mention diseases, you’ll need to take them to the vet for inspection and treatment.

The average lifespan of English Cream Golden Retriever is 12 years while that of their American cousins is 10,8 years. 

But if you raise and care your Golden in a healthy and balanced environment, your four-legged friend can live with you for 15 years.

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4. English Cream Golden Retriever Loves Water So Much

The ancestors of this breed were the great water bird hunters, no doubt they have a strong passion for getting wet in water or mud. 

Along with their active and dynamic nature, English Cream Golden Retriever owners should take them to the places they can have fun in the water, this will make them entertained, keep them from getting bored, and avoid mental disorders in dogs. 

Therefore, English Cream Golden Retriever maybe not your best choice if you are quite careful and clean, this breed is very active and they usually don’t care about their coat. They can step in your house with a full covered of mud after a play outside, you will need to reconsider!

5. English Cream Golden Retriever Is Easily Lost Its Hair

English Cream Golden Retriever has 2 layers on their coat: The long and thick outer layer has extremely good waterproofing, helps protect from cold water when diving in the cold marshes; the inner coat is thinner, softer, and smooth, helping to retain heat for the body. 

However, it makes another inconvenience, their hair is easily falling out – year around. If you find that troublesome, then consider carefully before having an English Cream. 

Moreover, the English Cream Golden dogs also want their owner to regularly groom their coat. Therefore, you need to take time to take care of your dog’s coat.

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6. English Cream Golden Retriever Is Very Friendly and Loyal

The English Cream Golden Retrievers are very friendly, loyal, always well behaved, and loves their owner. What a lovely breed!

They are easy to train, always patient and gentle with children, so you don’t need to worry if there are children living in your house with this breed.

The ability to learn and love people has turned them into dedicated helpers for the blind and other disabled. The Golden Retriever breeds, in general, are the most breed that trained to be service dogs.

7. English Cream Golden Retriever Is Very Smart and Agile

English Golden Retriever dog is very active, lively.

They especially love outdoor running activities. Thanks to their Intelligence and Agilent, they are always excellent candidates in competitions. 

They always know how to adjust their behavior to best suit different circumstances.

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8. They Have Very Good Senses

Of course, all dog has good senses, but the Cream Golden is even more special.

Earlier, Golden dogs took on important positions in the family such as looking after the house, going to the forest to find food, or helping the bird hunters.

This breed owns an extremely senses. They are able to sniff and track every trace of a wild animal. That’s why English Goldens became the best partner of bird hunters. 

Nowadays, English Cream Goldens sniffing ability was trained and trained to become a police dog, service dog, or therapy dog. They help the police investigate many many cases.

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9. Nutrition for English Cream Golden Retriever

Every day, an English Cream Golden should only receive food from 2.8 to 3.5% of total body weight. Besides, it also depends on the age and characteristics of your dog, then you can balance the amount of food for them reasonably:

  • With golden puppies, during the development phase, they will need more absorbable food than adult golden dogs.
  • More active dogs will need a larger amount of food than inactive, less running dogs.
  • Bodyweight is not always proportional to the amount of food. You need to monitor the weight of each puppy so that you can decide to increase or decrease the food appropriately.

Be considered when it comes to choosing your dog food so they will grow well!

10. Are English Cream Golden Retrievers Rare?

Most people think this breed is very rare, but you will surprise with the answer!

English Cream Goldens are just like other breeds in the Golden Retriever family, they are not rare, as there are more and more pet owners choose the English Creams in 2020.

It’s not like 3-4 years ago anymore, English Cream Goldens are popular now in 2020. If some pet stores or breeders say “This white one is a rare Golden Retriever”, just go away. Don’t let them overcharge you!

You can learn more about the English Cream Golden’s price in the following section.

11. How Much Do English Cream Golden Retrievers Cost?

The price of this breed is always the most asked questions…

English Cream Golden Retrievers cost from $500 to $2,500, no matter what their color is. It depends on the location, the reputation of the breeder, and whether the puppy is from the champion lines.

Adoption: If you adopt an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy with no clearances on health or lineage documents, the expected price is around $500 or less. 

Pet Store: If you buy an English Cream Golden from a pet store, the price will base on how reputable the pet shop is, and how well the puppy was bred, usually from $500 to $1000.

Breeder: The price of a healthy English Cream Golden Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder will cost you from $1,500 to $2,500. Moreover, the puppy that descended from champion bloodlines will cost higher than this price.


The English Cream Golden stands out for its smart, quick, and friendly personality. Along with their lovely appearance, they are very popular and welcomed around the world. To raise your Golden well, you will need to know some facts about this unique breed.

We hope this article, you will gain more knowledge about the characteristics, personality as well as how to raise and care for your English Cream Golden Retriever. If you have any questions about this breed, please leave a comment below and we are willing to help you!

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