Dog Chocolate Poisoning Timeline and Treatment

What if your dog accidentally ate a chocolate bar and start being poisoned? How to handle the situation and save your dog from the poison? Let know more about Dog Chocolate Poisoning Timeline, that’s maybe helpful for you and your dog!

Chocolate is harmful to dogs and it may cause a serious medical emergency depending on the type and quantity of chocolate eaten and your dog’s weight.

When you are aware that your dog has consumed chocolate, it is important to check him for signs of toxicity (see below), and it is recommended that you call your veterinarian or the Pet Poison Helpline (855–213–6680, fee applies) for some advice.

At one point or another, many dogs will get into the chocolate and when that happens time is of the essence. Here’s a detailed timeline for dog chocolate toxicity so you know what to do and what to do if anything happens to your doggo.

How Much Chocolate is Harmful to Dogs?

All types and amounts of chocolate are harmful to dogs but the severity of the damage depends on a few things. And the type of chocolate consumed must be decided. we need to determine the type of chocolate your dog ate.

RULE: The DARKER the chocolate, the WORSE the impact.

White chocolate, for example, is the least harmful while cocoa powder is the deadliest.

Typically, it is assumed that the smaller the dog, the greater the risk. There, the dog’s weight is a significant factor, as a smaller dog would require a lower amount of chocolate (as compared to a big dog) to get poisoned.

Chocolate-poisoning Symptoms

The time it takes to show signs is related to the amount of chocolate eaten. If a dog has consumed too much chocolate for its size, the signs will most likely start in the first few hours. Where smaller amounts are ingested, they can take several hours to show up. Below are some of the common signs of chocolate poisoning.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness
  • Frequent Urination
  • Hyperactivity
  • Elevated Heart Beat
  • Muscle Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Death

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Dog Chocolate Poisoning Timeline

Dog chocolate poisoning timeline can occur from 5 to 60 minutes and the first syndrome can happen after 6 to 12 hours; prompt treatment can save your pet’s life!

First Symptom (0–15 minutes)

First, you have to figure out the type and quantity of the chocolate being ingested. This will help you find out how serious the condition is. The chocolate, brownie, or cake packaging holds tremendous importance, if available.

Call your vet and send your dog all the details that you’ve gathered. You should tell them your dog’s weight and breed for the best diagnosis possible, too. The vet may advise you to bring the dog to the clinic, or to induce immediate vomiting, at home, depending on how urgent the situation is.

You’ll need to give your dog some Hydrogen Peroxide to cause vomiting at home. Follow your vet ‘s directions very closely, even a small mistake will make things worse.

For every 20 pounds of body weight we usually need 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. You can feed the dog with either a medicine dropper or a syringe.

Keeping Calm (15–60 minutes)

It is the time when your pet needs your support in staying calm. In severe cases the dog can begin to feel the discomfort. It can be understood by a significant rise in your pet’s water intake. You may also observe restlessness in the pet conduct.

Ensure constant drinking water supply and keep your dog watching for signs. Don’t leave it alone as your company will help him/her emotionally.

Start Treatment (60–120 minutes)

If the chocolate poisoning symptoms begin to appear in this time period, it’s time to visit your vet. This is an indication that something is serious, and that your dog needs medical help. Taking into account the timely induction of vomiting, the vet may prefer to use Activated Charcoal.

Its toxin-absorbing capabilities keep Theobromine from reaching the dog’s bloodstream. It absorbs the rest of the Theobromine from the digestive system left behind after vomiting. Activated charcoal can be used several times to ensure all the poisons are eliminated.

Monitoring Period (4–6 hours)

Once the dog is offered the basic treatment, it is closely observed for any signs of symptoms in the next 4–6 hours. During these periods none of the signs show, your pet is on the way to recovery. Otherwise, positive counseling can need to be incorporated to aid your dog.

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Therapy (Up to 72 hours)

A general support therapy takes about 72 hours to complete after which the dog is free of all toxins. Vets use IV Fluids during this time to dilute theobromine levels in your dog’s blood. This leads to increased urination, as the body excretes harmful chemicals. Valium could be used, in extreme cases, to control muscle tremors and seizures.


The majority of dogs affected by chocolate poisoning do well recover without any permanent health issues. That said, if you know what to do, and how to do it, the odds of a full recovery are high. Though all the time we have to hope for the best, we should be planning for the worst. Don’t panic and call your vet or the emergency pet poison helpline in case of a calamity.

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