Why Does My Chihuahua Shake after Eating?

Why Does My Chihuahua Shake after Eating?

Many Chihuahua owners don’t really know why their pet shakes after eating. This sign may be potentially harmful to your dog’s health, it also makes the joy of eating become a nightmare of your pet. Read this article to better understand the causes of shaking after eating in Chihuahua.

1. Your Chihuahua Eats Too Fast

Why does my Chihuahua shake after eating? The frequent reason is that your Chihuahua eats too fast, which makes the digestive system unable to catch up to absorbing the food.

It is related to the gas in the digest system that will make the dog feel uncomfortable and shivering after eating. 

In this case, you can help your Chihuahua by rubbing his belly to move some of the air around. Some dogs won’t let you touch their belly but some will realize that you are trying to help. When your Chihuahua gets a distended belly after eating, gently kneading and massaging his belly will help him digest the food better, avoid shaking after eating sign.

2. Your Chihuahua May Have Eaten Cold Food

Small breeds can get cold easily, your Chihuahua can shake after eating cold and frozen food. 

My recommendation is to take your dog food out for a while if you store food in the fridge, only feed him when the meal is at room temperature.

You can also put his food into the microwave for a few minutes before giving to your Chihuahua, a warm meal can avoid the shaking after eating and also make it tastier to your pup.

I know some of you don’t warm dog food in the microwave because it causes the nutrients will be depleted, but for me, warm the food only in 1-2 minutes is all OK.

3. Your Chihuahua May Suffer Tummy Ache

When you see your Chihuahua shakes after eating, it may be the sign that your dog has a tummy ache.

It could be a problem in his digest system. Check your Chihuahua if he has illnesses such as bacteria, digestive disorder, infection, or acid reflux. 

These sicknesses are very dangerous. For example, acid reflux can be very painful, it includes belching or food coming up from your dog’s stomach into the throat. 

My recommendation is to bring your Chihuahua to the vet for further treatment, as soon as possible.

4. Your Chihuahua May Have Eaten Something Toxic

If your Chihuahua ate something toxic, it can cause shaking after eating other food. There are some human food dogs cannot eat like chocolate, raw egg, milk, avocado, etc. You shouldn’t feed you Chihuahua those things because they can cause unexpected circumstances you may not be able to handle.

Sometimes your Chihuahua may eat them accidentally. Whenever you see the first syndromes such as vomiting, shaking, coughing, etc. you should do the first aid then take your dog to the vet immediately for treatments.

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5. Your Chihuahua May Have Problems with His Teeth

Dental problems can be the reason for your dog’s shaking after eating. The problems can be tartar buildup, broken tooth, cavities, infection, or swollen gums.

So please be careful and examine his mouth regularly, dental problems cause your dog a bad experience in eating, that makes your chihuahua shaking after eating.

So how to treat and prevent the dental problem in your dog? 

You can help prevent the teeth problem with a good oral hygiene plan, I would like to share with you some tips for your Chihuahua’s teeth:

  • Take the dog for regular dental checkups and cleanings.
  • Provide him the good quality dog food
  • Don’t give him hard bones as chew toys
  • Try to brush his tooth everyday
  • Get him the soft chew toys.

6. Your Chihuahua May Suffer Muscle Pains

Dogs have around 700 muscle in their body and these muscles or joints can be injured after a playtime, a fight, or they can be weaker when your Chihuahua gets old.

Muscle pains can hurt your dog’s health and he can suffer bad experiences when doing some daily activities, even eating. 

If you see your Chihuahua shakes after eating, please check the way he is standing when eating. The shaking could be from arthritis, joint, or muscle pains.

The first solution is feeding your Chihuahua with food that good for bones, joints, and muscles; it can avoid shaking after eating. Then take your pup to the vet for the best advice.

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7. Your Chihuahua Is Allergic to Some Food

If your Chihuahua has to eat food that can cause allergy to him, it can cause the shaking and shivering syndrome in your dog. Other syndromes of food allergies can be listed: paw itchy, ears itchy, diarrhea, etc.

Dogs can easily get food allergies with things we eat everyday such as dairy, soy, raw egg, beef, wheat, chocolate, etc. So please be careful with things you feed your dog, ask the pet store or pet shelter about food allergies of your new puppy.

Moreover, set an appointment with the vet if you see any signs of food allergies and let them check if your dog is allergic to any kind of food, so you will know which food to avoid.

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Chihuahua is a small breed, every single strange sign can be serious to your dog health and shaking is not an exception. 

Shaking after eating can make your Chihuahua’s taste worse and it’s also a syndrome of illnesses. If you see your Chihuahua shaking after every meal, please note the above reasons and take your pup to the vet for checkups and treatments.

Do the above reasons help you get the answer to the question “Why does my Chihuahua shake after eating?”. And if you know other reasons for this question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment to share with us!

Reference: That Dog Brand

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