can you give honey to dogs

Can You Give Honey to Dogs?

Honey is a very popular natural product that we used it as food and medicine thousands years ago.

Honey contains about 200 substances with a very complex chemical composition, which are really nutritious for our body.

So how about our dogs? Can we give honey to dogs? Is honey good for your dog? This article will provide you the perfect guide for using honey for your dog.

1. Is Honey Good for My Dog?

Honey is made by bees and some other insects, they produce honey and store it in their honeycombs. Natural honey has become a kind of substance food that we used a very long time ago. It is sweet, viscous, and very good for our health.

And for your question: Is honey good for my dog?

The answer is: Yes, honey is very good for your dog’s health, it contains many beneficial nutrients for your dog body, it also can cure some allergies in your dog.

Honey contains minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that can support your dog’s health. Honey has natural sugar and is used in many foods and beverages for both humans and dogs.

So, honey is 100% safe for a normal dog to eat but you better give your dog small quantities.

2. What Kind of Honey Should I Give My Dog?

It depends on your dog’s health condition to decide what kind of honey you should feed your dog. 

Raw honey is extremely good to help your dog recovering from kennel cough, but it’s not good for a dog that is suffering from diabetes or obesity.

Manuka honey is very useful for healing burns, sores, and infections. If your dog has wounded skin and needs to grow new skin, manuka honey is the best choice. 

On the other hand, you should not use manuka honey for dogs who have cancer. Please read in section 8 for more.

3. Can I Give My Dog Honey Every Day?

Yes, you can!

Honey is very good for your dog. It can be considered as a treatment for your dog’s health issues:

It can help to heal the wound: We can use honey to heal our wounded skin, the same goes for dogs. Using honey can help your dog grow back new skin and fight the bacterial infection.

Improve allergies syndrome: If your dog is dealing with allergies, giving honey to your dog every day can help improve the immune system and allergy symptoms.

Energy boost: The natural sugar in honey can boost your dog’s energy level, help them to be more active, energic, and agile.

So, giving one or two tablespoons of manuka or raw honey to your dog every day is very good for him. The amount of honey you feed depends on the size of the breeds.

For example, small dogs like Chihuahua, Dachshund can take one teaspoon of honey a day. Bigger breeds like Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, etc. can take two tablespoons every day.

4. Can My Dog Eat Honey to Lose Weight?

Honey is the ingredient that can help us to lose weight. And It is effective for both humans and dogs.

Eating honey can reduce the hunger hormone because it’s a simple sugar, and it is way better than the table sugar. And honey can slow down glucose conversion and digestion in the body. In general, using honey along with a balanced diet can help your dog in losing weight.

For dogs that are easy to gain weight, feeding them a little honey every day may help them maintain the weight, avoid obesity in dogs.

However, over-feeding honey can cause obesity in dogs.

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5. Can My Dog Eat Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is the house of the bees, they create the wax structure to store the honey or larva. When harvesting honey, honeycombs are also taken.

Honeycomb is full of nutrients as well as honey.

However, too much of anything is bad, honeycomb has uncountable natural sugar and it’s not good to eat such a lot of sugar.

A small amount of honeycomb every day is enough for your dog.

6. How Much Honey Can I Give My Dog for a Cough?

Dogs that are suffering kennel cough should eat honey to fight this illness, which can last for 3-6 weeks.

Honey contains rich nutrients that can supply your dog’s ability to heal the kennel cough. So how much honey can I give my dog for kennel cough?

Be sure that you feed your dog a tablespoon of honey twice a day to heal the cough, and raw honey is the best treatment to combat this illness.

To know how to give honey to your dog, please read the below section.

7. How Can I Give Honey to My Dog?

Depending on their health condition and taste, dogs can absorb honey in different ways. 

Some dogs love honey and they can easily consume immediately when you give it to them, they will lick the honey on the spoon until it’s gone.

Some other dogs don’t like honey, and you will have to find other ways to feed them. You can refer the below ways: 

Mixing with food: Mix the correct dosage of honey with your dog’s meal every day. Although he can recognize the honey smell, he will eat the food anyway because it’s his daily meal. 

Mixing with water: Besides mixing with food, mixing honey with water is another way your dog can consume honey. For a dog that is too weak or tired, you can use a medicine dropper to feed the mixture to your dog. Also, rub him on his neck gently so that he can swallow the water easily.

8. Honey Products for Dogs?

As a Chewy affiliate I earn commissions for qualifying purchases.

Besides the edible raw or manuka honey, you can find many honey-based products that can help your dog to have a healthy life.

Some products for your pet can be listed:

a. Shampoo

Shampoos and conditioners for dogs are very easy to find in pet shops or online shopping websites such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. They are made from natural honey, oatmeal, or beeswax that can help your dog to have a healthy, smooth coat.

👉Recommended Honey Shampoo for Dogs: Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Oatmeal Conditioner

b. Topical Medication

You can apply topical medication to heal your pet’s wound on a particular place on the body. The main ingredients of these products are natural manuka honey, alcohol, and other chemical compositions.

👉Recommended Wound Repair Ointment: Absorbine Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair Ointment

c. Wound Repair Spray Gel:

Wound repair spray gels for dogs are usually made from manuka honey, MicroSilver BG™, and other chemical compositions. You can spray the gel on the wound every day until it’s healed.

👉Recommended Wound Repair Spray Gel: Absorbine Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair Spray Gel

9. Any Caution about Feeding Honey to My Dog?

Although honey has many benefits for your dog, there are some extreme cautions that you should be aware of when using honey for your beloved pet.

If your dog is diabetic, be very careful with honey. 

Anti-diabetic effects are found in honey, this means diabetes will get worse when you feed honey to your dog. In case you want to use some honey-based products for your dog, please contact your vet for more advice.

Besides, overusing honey can cause obesity in dogs.

10. My Dog Has Cancer. Is Manuka Honey Good for Dogs with Cancer?

Although honey has many benefits to the dog’s health, you should be careful when using honey for dogs with some specific illness, like cancer.

There is not much information related to the use of manuka honey for a dog with cancer.

However, we all know that manuka honey has natural sugar and cancer cells grow thanks to the sugar that the body consumed.

So, I would recommend that you should not feed your dog with manuka honey if he has cancer.

And please follow the vet’s instructions when you want to use honey for your cancer-suffering dog.

You can find more information about this here:


Honey is a very good nutrient for both humans and dogs, it has many benefits for the body and makes the food tastier.

However, you should use honey with control when your dog has particular health problems, and it’s better to consult your veterinarian before applying honey products to the dog.

Hopefully, this article will help you know better about honey to your dog’s health. If you find this helpful, please share this with the people who are needing this.

Moreover, if you know anything else about honey, please share your knowledge with us in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!


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