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Bac Ha Dog – The Lifespan, Temperament, And Pictures

Bac Ha dog is one of the famous dog breeds in Vietnam not only because of its outstanding features: strong, good stamina, smart, and disciplined.

Although not a popular dog breed in the world, they always receive great attention from domestic and foreign dog lovers.

If you want to know more about this breed, please read this article, we are sure you will love this dog breed!

Does Bac Ha dog make good pets?

They are absolutely a good pet for every family with many good characteristics, and they are accustomed to human presence in their lives.

Though Bac Ha dog looks challenging to approach and somewhat aggressive in our eyes but has a very obedient and courageous personality. If there are children in the family, you should watch out for your kids when they come close to the dog, but if the family has the dogs from a young age, they are completely child-friendly.

The History of Bac Ha dog

Bac Ha dog has its name from where they are born and also known as Vitespitz, they come from the highlands of Bac Ha in Lao Cai province, domesticated by the Hmong for hunting and keeping house. 

This dog breed is believed to exist from the feudal period in Vietnam and live together with Hmong people until now. 

The Bac Ha poodle is one of the four most beautiful dog breeds in Vietnam, along with Phu Quoc ridgeback, Hmong docked tail and Indochina Dingo.

The appearance of the Bac Ha dog

In general, Bac Ha dog is a medium-sized dog, quite muscular and strong. Like other breeds, they have a slightly longer body length than their own height. A Bac Ha dog as an adult will have a height of about 50 to 60 centimeters (~20 to 24 inches), and a weight of 16 to 26 kilograms (35 to 57 pounds).

Some features of their body parts:

The head of the Bac Ha breed is very slim, impressing with its long muzzle. A typical Bac Ha dog will have a muzzle length of about 2/3 or the length of its head.

The nose is straight and long, the forehead is round and quite wide. The ears are tilted in a triangular shape to recognize sounds quickly. This appearance advantage is one of the reasons why so many people like to have a Bac Ha dog.

About their coat, Bac Ha dog is very special when it has a thick neck coat, long round-up, very similar to a lion’s mane. The hair forms a mane that separates its body and head. The neck mane in males is always longer than the neck mane in females.

However, the number of Bac Ha dogs with neck mane is not much. This feature is one of the signs that this is a good Bac Ha dog. Of course, its price is not cheap.

Temperaments / Characteristics of the Bac Ha

An outstanding trait of the Bac Ha breed is that they like to live in groups. They are highly disciplined, smart, quick. Furthermore, they are very interested in being trained by humans, …

a. Intelligence

Bac Ha dogs are well-known for their smartness. They are extremely intelligent with the ability to learn quickly and are sensitive to changes in their living environment. 

Moreover, they also have a good memory, that’s why they are allowed to go with their human deep inside the forest for hunting and they always remember the way home. 

b. Trainability

With the intelligence mentioned above, Bac Ha dog is assigned to watch the house, keep the property, watch the cattle to avoid being hunted by wild animals in the forest, go hunting, or be trained to become a professional dog. 

Moreover, they can move quickly and flexibly in rugged mountainous terrain and are very sensitive to noise.

c. Colors

Bac Ha dog breed is quite diverse in the color of the coat. People often see the Bac Ha dogs brindle, yellow, white, black, gray, some have a brownish-red coat. 

Brownish-red dogs are quite rare. According to the statistical results, on average, about 10 new Bac Ha dogs have 1 brownish-red dog. And these rare individuals are also very expensive.

d. Loyalty

A loyal, vigilant, and disciplined dog. For strangers, purebred Bac Ha dogs are always wary and vigilant. They can attack strangers whenever they feel threatened.

The local people raise and use them on long trips. They make them become close companions, guardians to protect their safety, and also a powerful assistant with a lot of achievements in their hunting trips.

e. Rarity and Price

Like other dog breeds, the price difference of a Bac Ha puppy depends on many factors. Can be mentioned as the place of purchase, size, age, gender, the color of the coat, health, purebred or crossed.

For Bac Ha puppies, from 2 to 3 months of age, mixed hair color, normal body, the price of them is in the range $20 – $40.

As for dogs with beautiful appearance, bright and strong hair color, the purchase price per puppy is from $50 – $100.

With a Bac Ha dog for sale with brownish-red eyes and fur, the amount of money you need to spend to own it can be up to $500 – $1000, or even higher. 

Note: This is the price range in Vietnam (Bac Ha market), for other countries it can be higher.  

Health Issues of the Bac Ha dog

During the time to nurture and take care of a dog Bac Ha, everyone must be concerned about its health.

Some common diseases in this breed are digestive problems – a disease that occurs in most pets.

Other diseases are also common in all breeds such as rabies, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, bronchitis, etc. 

When you adopt a new dog, remember to check its health issues and have them vaccinated at the veterinary.

Food requirements 

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In the place where they were born – Lao Cai, Bac Ha dogs are often fed rice with the organs of pigs, cows by the native people. 

But when changing the living environment to the urban or apartment living, you can also feed them with dog dry foods to balance with the fresh food to help them grow in the best way. 

Bac Ha dogs are very easy in eating and they are the real appetite. However, there is something about food for them that you should be concerned: 

  • Do not let them eat bones (even fish bones)
  • Do not give moldy, rancid, or fermented foods
  • Do not give the dog the raw things

Exercise requirements of the breed

Like other dog breeds, Bac Ha dogs like playing and running. If they are locked for too long, they can be very aggressive and can develop separated anxiety. 

So it requires you to let them free at a certain time in a day, or you can walk with them after work to develop the bond and help them have fun.

Grooming requirements

The most impressive appearance of this mountain dog is its long, thick coat. And it requires great care to give them a beautiful and healthy coat.

The coat of Bac Ha dog is also susceptible to dirt, dust … making the coat easy to stick and become lumpy. This creates the environment for the ticks to live. 

So you should bathe them every time they get dirty, 2 to 3 times a week and remember to brush their coat before the bath time. 

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How long does Bac Ha dog live for? -The life expectancy of the breed

The life expectancy of dogs in Bac Ha is the average for most breeds, ranging from 12 to 15 years. In particular, there are cases where dogs can live up to 20 years. However, it depends on many factors such as genetic diseases, diet, exercise, and living environment.

Things to consider when having a Hmong Dog

  • Bac Ha puppies’ digestive system during their young age is not stable and quite weak so all food must be fully cooked and dry food is limited.
  • Their living space should be clean as their hairs are easy to get dirty.
  • Bac Ha dog price depends largely on the bloodline factor of the parent dog

Hope this article will help you understand more about this awesome dog breed. Please comment below if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!

Image source: BacHaDogs

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