5 Amazing Dog Weight Loss Transformations Will Make You Surprised

Many owners do not hesitate to give their dogs the best care, feed them a variety of nutritious food several times a day. This is the cause of many pets being overweight or obese.

Therefore, you should take care of your dog carefully to avoid obesity in dogs. Once your dog is obese, you should recalculate the diet and help your dog in the weight loss journey.

We would love to share with you some amazing dog weight loss transformations. These dogs have been tried so hard to lose weight and now they have a better life with better health.

FACT: In the US alone, up to 55.8% of pets are suffering from obesity, according to Bored Panda.

After being helped by the owner to lose weight, avoid obesity health problems, many pets enjoy a completely different appearance.

Below are some successful weight loss journeys that can inspire you and your dog to lose weight.

1. Buddy Now Can Even Run after Losing His Weight.

Buddy is the pet of a 90-year-old owner. Because of her age, she can not walk her dog every day.

This causes Buddy’s obesity and he can barely run or enjoy his life. Then the friendly neighbor decided to help the owner to walk Buddy.

Buddy at first didn’t really like walking as he is so heavy to do this and easily get tired. But now he loves his daily walk and can even run on his own legs!

Look at this before and after photo, you will know how hard Buddy has tried.

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2. Dennis the Dachshund Becomes a Healthy Dog after Losing Weight.

Dennis is a very handsome guy, but bad habits of eating made him fat. With a heavy body, Dennis could hardly play and live like other dogs. He also suffered pains in his bones.

Then his owner decided to plan a weight loss diet for him. For now, Dennis lost 79% of his body weight.

By following the healthy habits, now he’s back in shape, being able to run and have fun with other friends.

thu nuoi giam can anh 4

To all pet owners:

In fact, chubby pets are said to be cute but this is not good for their health. Not only does it make your pets have trouble walking, but their heavy body also increases their risk of diseases that can affect the quality of life. 

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3. Bertha the Chihuahua Weight Loss Journey.

She has lost half of her body weight by following a low-calorie diet.

Bertha weighed nearly 6 kg, was abandoned by the previous owner and could not move much because she was too fat.

After being transferred to an animal rescue center, the 11-year-old dog was adopted by a new owner and helped her lose weight successfully.

She’s now living and playing in her forever home, enjoying her healthy life.

thu nuoi giam can anh 3

According to Dr. Erni Ward, founder of  the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, obese dogs have a higher risk of arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer than other dogs. Studies also show that these dogs live 2.5 years less than those of a healthy weight.

4. The “Golden Boy” that Transformed from Thick to Fit.

This Golden Retriever suffered from obesity and could barely move, he always feels tired and gasping after taking just a few steps.

Golden Retriever is an active and agile breed, but the body’s fat has made this golden pup very slow.

After the successful weight loss journey, he’s now a lovely handsome boy and have a healthy life.

thu nuoi giam can anh 2

If you want to help your dog lose weight, the first step is to schedule a vet appointment. They will determine the dog’s body condition index, set weight loss goals, ideal weight, and calculate the number of calories the owner should provide to the pet every day.

5. The AWESOME Transformation of a Beagle.

This handsome Beagle boy used to weight 86.4 Lbs., could hardly walk, and need a specific belt for losing weight exercises.

And the exercise and diet helped this pup lose weight successfully, from 86,4 Lbs. to 44,4 Lbs.

thu nuoi giam can anh 5


Weight loss is a challenging journey for both pets and human. But when successful, your dog’s life will change.

Besides diet, walking is an effective and simple way to help your 4-legged friends lose weight quickly.

Dogs can safely reduce 3-5% of body weight per month. As long as they are on a weight loss program supervised by veterinarian.

Smaller breeds and more active dogs may drop a bit faster, depending on the amount of exercise their owner can provide to their pet.

Good luck on your pet weight loss journey!

Reference: Bored Panda

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